Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thursday, November 19, 2009

America's Top Model?

I started watching America's top Model on Wed. nights. It was easy enough to do with Michael pretty much out of the house, and Collin would go hide in his room. :)

I have to say I really got to like Nicole, I liked Laura too. They were my favorite girls. I liked Nicole because a big part of me could relate to this shy young woman that had been teased by people for so much of her life. The first show when I saw the girls in the house treat her like dirt, make fun of her behind her back, and all say how she would be the first to go, and then she pulled off the win that night. Wow was all I could think. This girl who is quiet and shy, and very reserved, had an ability to work the camera better than most people.

From that show on I hoped she would win. If I'm not mistaken I think she won most of the weekly spots, so it makes sense that she would pull it off.

I like Laura too, for much the same reasons. She was out going, happy, sunny, and seemed to be a real joy to be around. She also had some incredible pictures. I think this was the first reality show that I had watched in a long time where I would have been happy with either outcome. It was a good call to have them both in the finals, and good job to both girls.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More on Susan Boyle

I found this on Youtube today. Enjoy listen, no video to go with it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol review

I thought I would give my first impression of each contestant tonight. All of this I jotted down before the judges comments, for the most part. Keep in mind I really don't know any of the songs that were sung except for one or two.

Anoop- I thought he was off key, if he wants to sing R+B it really doesn't work for me. I'm finding him rather boring.

Megan- I thought she was okay, a bit off key. I really like her voice and wish she would sing some Jazz and blues, if she put out a record that is the style I think suits her the best. I would like to her her falsetto more because I really love it when she puts it in her vocals. It seems to make her voice quaility pop.

Danny, I liked. Can't say more than that.

Allison was so, so for me. Hated the Outfit. My problem is I'm not into the rock music, but I do recognize that is what her voice is suited for. I really hear Blondie type music coming from her.

Scott, I like Scott but I feel like I'm listening to a wedding singer every week. Honestly it was not my favorite of the night and would have him in my bottom three picks for sure.

Matt- Off key at first. I like Megan the song was redundant in lyrics.

Lil- I like her, and thought the song was a sweet one for her showing her soft side.

Adam, no doubt about it that he is amazing. I don't care for Rock music so I would never buy one of his albums. I like the fact that he has changed his looks for the performances, he is much easier to look at, and he really doesn't need the funky style to show who and what he is.
I do like that he complimented the band on the arrangement, classy.

Kris, this was my favorite of the night. The same that Adam was my favorite last week. If he had an album full of that, I would by it.

My top three as far as talent


My top three favorites

My bottom three

Megan (and I really like her!)

I can't decide who should go, for me it would be Anoop or Scott. I would like to hear more from Megan because she is so different.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

National anthem done right

I found this on TF Stern's site, he said that the one on the left is 8, the two in the middle are 7, and the two on the right are 6 years old. Go girls!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I told Michael that I need to run to Wallmart on Saturday to get some more nylons as the last pair I had, was wearing out and had a hole in it would not last longer.

Collin said,
"Don't all CD's have holes in them?"

(if you don't know The Nylons are a musical group)

It gave us a good laugh.